EVO II Low-Noise Propellers (pair)


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Note: We recommend that you buy a full set (2 pairs) for your aircraft if you do not already have low noise propellers.  Please make sure to correctly identify what kind of propellers you currently have installed on your aircraft.

EVO II propellers are made of nylon and glass fiber, ensuring both intensity and toughness. It stabilizes flight and protects user safety in extreme propeller crash cases in which propellers will break but not smash into scattering pieces. The willow-shaped propellers are optimized repeatedly to ensure least resistance, highest efficiency and smallest noise. The foldable design and foolproof installation make them highly user-friendly.


Highly intense and tough; Willow-shaped propeller ensures least resistance, highest efficiency and smallest noise; Foldable design; Foolproof installation; Tips


Size: 9030

Material: nylon +30% glass fiber


Autel Robotics has redesigned the propellers for the EVO II Series aircrafts. This updated version differs from the original propeller design. Both propeller versions cannot be mixed together on the aircraft, for it will result in unstable flight. All propellers must be the same version in order to avoid damaging the aircraft.

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