iNeck Air 2 Inflates and deflates at the touch of a button. Finally, a heat-enabled massager that’s perfectly portable.

The iNeck Air 2 Inflatable Neck Pillow & Massager brings users the best in portable, travel-friendly massage. It’s equipped with an inflate/deflate feature for easy packing and sophisticated heat technology for an ultra-soothing massage. Self-heating mechanisms warm and soothe muscles while two rotating multi-node massage heads move across your nape and neck to deliver professional therapist-grade kneading power. This massage device is programmed with two different massage modes that mimic various acupressure techniques, and it’s silent enough to use on a plane or train.

  • Promote Neck Health
  • Aid Lymph Detox
  • Relieve Pain On The Go
  • Improve Posture

Neck pillow or neck massager: You decide! iNeck Air 2 features retractable massage heads, making it the perfect versatile massage device for world travelers. In times of relaxation, use the neck pillow in “massage mode” to utilize its powerful nodes and kneading technology. In times of rest, simply press a button to retract the massage nodes and use the massager as a normal neck pillow. Both modes include heat technology for the ultimate rest and relaxation.

Inflate/Deflate compression with instant switch

  • Full-Coverage C-Shaped Design
  • Ergonomic design provides hands-free use
  • Intelligent Air Pressure
  • Monitors air pressure level for constant support
  • Soothing Heat Technology
  • Heats up to 113 degrees to enhance pain relief


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