Gravity inversion table


To put it simply, inverted decompression creates an ideal stretch that improves spinal health and targets back pain by helping to:

1. Rehydrate discs
2. Reduce nerve pressure
3. Realign the spine
4. Relax tense muscles

The benefits extend beyond just spinal health and pain relief though, also helping to:

5. Ease stress
6. Improve joint health
7. Increase flexibility
8. Improve fitness & build core strength

The inversion table is so easy to use:

  • Set it to your height, secure your ankles and relax. Weight displacement caused by simple arm movements give you total control over the speed and degree of rotation. Optional use of EZ-Angle rotation control allows you to pre-set maximum angle of rotation.
  • Benefits start at the gentle angle of 20 degrees. Over time, work up to at least 60 degrees, where the pressure is reduced to zero and decompression happens in just minutes.
  • Invert regularly! It only takes a few minutes to decompress the spine, and the stretch feels great and relaxes tired muscles. Use the Teeter several times a day to achieve maximum results.



Maximum load: 136 kg

Dimentions: 152 x 73 x 148 cm

Weight: 28.6 kg


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