Pair of wrist and ankle weights


Pair of wrist and ankle weights


Wrist Weights are a kind of dumbbell that can be worn around your wrists or ankles during your workouts. Each weighs 500g, which makes constant loading unobtrusive but quite effective.

The original and, most importantly, comfortable dumbbell bangles, unlike ordinary dumbbells, completely free your hands. They make it easy to do other exercises, do yoga, run, cycle, dance or swim. When you add resistance to a workout, you have to exert more energy. When you use more energy, you increase your heart rate, burn fat, and build muscle. Bracelets are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender and type of activity. The special design in the form of a rubber band and eight individual cast iron ingots, covered with a smooth silicone shell, allows them to be securely fixed on all sizes of wrists and ankles. They look cute and stylish. The kit includes two dumbbells and a carrying bag. To highlight your style, the manufacturer offers various colors.

Additional Information:

– Weight training bracelets

– Includes two bracelets weighing 500 grams

– Constant comfort resistance

– Fixation on wrists or ankles

– Do not restrict the range of hand movement

– Great addition for yoga, swimming, running, dancing and more.

– Suitable for everyone – children, men and women of all ages

– One size


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