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Handheld Massagers

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Beurer MG 70 infrared massager

Ref: Cas-01162

899 ₪


Buy by installments: 75 ₪ in a month


Handheld rotational massager Germaine

Ref: Cas-01185


Buy by installments: 100 ₪ in a month


Beurer MG 80 infrared massager

Ref: Cas-01114

890 ₪


Buy by installments: 150 ₪ in a month


Massage device MediGun Casada (Germany)

Ref: Cas-01481

2990 ₪


Not available

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Manual massager

If you do not see yourself without a massage for single minute, Casada company manual massagers are great option. They are compact, easy to take with you anywhere in the world and fold; also they can massage any part of the body. Circulation is improved, spasms and pain are disappeared. You are well, nice and helpful.

We agree that each of them has their personal specialization, but most of them can actually be applied to any zones disturbing you.

There is even the possibility of turning a pen into the massager. As has become clear from later, the dimensions for manual massager is not a problem. The main thing is the quality of the performance done, but nobody has not said bad things, so that means that Casada company manual massagers are officially recognized to be magicians in their field.

Therewith, you can remove edemas and dark circles under the eyes, get a fresh new look in seconds, relieve spasms and pain in the back, legs, arms. You need only to buy and properly care for the devices. We hope you will not need to point out to the dust, which have to be cleaned. We hope that you will use the massager so often that the dust just do not have time to settle down on it. But still. Yes, it is almost the only requirement for the care of manual massager. Oh, and for those that run on batteries, periodically it is required to buy new batteries and change them.

Everything else - you have to enjoy the acquired massager as often as possible. At a minimum, you will improve the overall health, at maximum – rise of all indicators up to the work productivity, lack of situational and chronic diseases, healthy and restful sleep, al. Manual massager is an opportunity to have a quality massage at any time. At the same time you pay only for the device, and then just maintain it in good conditions. It will last longer, and you will be able to use it longer.


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