Lower back traction massager Tokyo 2500


Lower back traction massager Tokyo 2500

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Intelligent dynamic traction

According to the principle of human body structure, the reciprocating movement can reduce the pressure only if the reciprocating stretch has a rhythm. Muscle training requires a rhysmic repetitive motion to achieve the goal of exercise. Instead of artificial traction, this lumbar traction device reduce the lumbar pressure through intelligent dynamic stretch wich make lumbar spine up and down.

Back massager with lumbar traction, vibration & heat is a back pain relief product ideally suited for people with chronic back ache. 

Back massager Tokyo 2500 turns out to be a great treatment for pain relif in chronic back pain, spinal disorders, slipped disk. This massager contains rotating massage heads to penetrate deep into the muscles providing relief from most aches and pains. It is contoured for extreme support and comfort.

Infrared Heating Mode
Infrared light penetration effectively works on the waist, to form the steady stream of heat to the lumbar, so you feel like enjoying the warm bathing sunshine.
The heating temperature is divided into 3 levels: low(45-50℃), middle(50-55℃), high(55-65℃); Each level has corresponding lights: Green, Blue, Red to indicate.
Vibrating Massage Mode
3000RPM/Min speed, ideal for lumbar relax and pain relief, also can be used with Manual Mode and Heating Mode for better function.
Magnet Therapy Mode
Increase the blood circulation.
Air Traction System
It is a type of vertical traction which can relieve the stress from the body when getting up and keep the waist in a rest situation.

When using, do not expose the device to the skin directly.
The default time for the infrared heat therapy is 15 minutes, after 10 minutes rest, press the on/off button on the control panel again if you need more cycles.
In a different mode, some buttons for different functions will be locked, please read manual to get more details.
This device is only used for lower back massage.


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SKU: Cas-01244
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