Massage seat 3D massage Quattromed 5, Casada


Massage seat 3D massage Quattromed 5, Casada


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The Quattromed V with Jade and 3D Massage from German company Casada

With the Quattromed V you can escape your drab everyday life and dive into the world of massage. Two sensitive silicone massage heads massage you with the “Tapping” and “Rolling” massage techniques. Two fixed ones tend to the relief and supply of the vertebral discs.

The deep heat which can be switched on and off and the massage heads refined with certified jade, both have a beneficial effect on tense muscles and joints. To be able to improve blood flow you can switch on the vibration mode via remote control. With two height adjustment settings and the 3d massage technique the Quattromed V is perfect for different body sizes. The Quattromed V has jade-finish massage heads, deep heat and 3d massage with height adjustment.

The 3d massage technique in the Quattromed V

The Quattromed V massager is rather different to conventional massagers. The special features on the Quattromed V is the 3d technology and the two height adjustment settings. The Quattromed V also has a width adjustment setting. With these three features the Quattromed V reaches places on the body which are simply difficult for other massagers to reach. With the manually adjustable types of massage of the Quattromed V, the massager provides maximum comfort. Experience 3d technology in the Quattromed V.

Two height adjustment setting in the Quattromed V massager

In addition to the 3d-technology the Quattromed V has a two height adjustment setting. The two height adjustment setting allows the Quattromed V to restrict the area in which the massage heads can perform the massage. In addition to the two height adjustment setting it also has a width adjustment setting. With the width adjustment setting you have the option of adjusting the tapping massage.

Massage techniques in the Quattromed V

In the Quattromed V massage seat there are three integrated automatic whole body massage programmes. Furthermore the three automatic whole body programmes do not require any additional adjustments whatsoever.

In addition to the three automatic whole body massage programmes you can manually set up massages such as Shiatsu, rolling or tapping. The manually adjustable massages can be adjusted individually and upgraded with a heat function. If so desired you can detach the backrest from the seat pad so that the Quattromed V massage chair can massage your back and legs.

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Dimensions back part: 75 x 45 x 20 cm

Dimensions seat part: 7,5 x 45 x 42 cm

Weight 10 kg


Input: 100-240V~, 50/60 Hz
Output: 24V , 2500mA

Rated power 60 Watt

Run-time 15 minutes




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SKU: Cas-01342

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But more accessible.

A massage mechanism in the massager Quattromed 5 can make a pleasant tapping massage. This means that the back massage will be similar to a modern massage chairs.


folding massage chair Casada


Like in a massage chair

Our engineers installed a massage unit from a massage chair. Rollers can move in 3 directions. Now even usual shiatsu massage you will fell in a new way.

In your interior

Real German design. Fabrics that is cool to touch and neat lines. We designed this massager with love and took into account all little things from a pocket for remote control to an extra padding to make massage more soft and comfortable.



Stone therapy Massage heads in Quattromed 5 Braintronics are made from natural jade. Buying Quattromed 5 Braintronics you will get a massage and stone therapy. Jade is a semiprecious stone has been used for stone therapy for more than 5000 years in China, Greece and other countries.


Benefits of jade While heating up the jade slowly gives off infrared heat in a long wave spectrum. Stones’ heat relieves muscle pain, enhances metabolic processes. Give your body "soft heat." Try beneficial effects of jade.


In Quattromed 5, we made a hard back like on the previous model. Put Quattromed 5 on a sofa or chair with a low back, without fear that the cape will break. One of the main advantages - the massager can be used even in lying position.


Each button has a picture. Even a child can figure out how to use a massage seat. The console is made of rubberized plastic, which is nice in a hand and does not slip. All buttons on the remote are illuminated, that allows to use the massager even in the dark.

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