Massage chair AURA


Massage chair AURA


Or 2325 NIS per month for 12 payments
5 Years warranty -
Relax market Ltd.

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4D ROLLER SYSTEM from the massagechair Aura

The 4D ROLLER SYSTEM works similar to a thumb and a series of ankles pressed on your body, this roller system uses both vertical and horizontal movements and adds a deeper rhythm to the massage. With the revolutionary 4D massage, the AURA massage chair gives you a perfectly relaxing massage at home.

HEATING is a popular technique, due to its numerous advantages in combination with massage. With the AURA massage chair you will experience the feeling of a hot stone massage because of its unique, heated massage heads. With the heat being distributed by its gliding rollers, stationary heating pads in other massage chairs pale in comparison to the heat technology of the AURA Massage Chair.


Acupressure points

Key acupressure points are massaged.

Adjustable footrest

The footrest can be extended, this way it is adaptable to different body sizes.

Adjust shoulder

The massage heads can be moved upward or downward to a suitable position in the shoulder area.

Adjustable pillow

If necessary, the double cushion can be placed to reduce the neck and shoulder massage intensity.

Air area

Three air pressure modes (full body, arm and leg / lower body).

Air compression

Rising and receding airbags have a pumping motion that produces natural muscle reflexes. This is particularly beneficial in the calf and foot area.

Air intensity

Adjustable airbag massage intensity.

Arthrose Traction

Arthrosis Traction consists of gentle stretching pressure. It has a stimulating effect on the cartilages, which enhances the transport of bodily fluids, nutrients absorption and can alleviate symptoms of Arthrosis.


Specifically developed automatic programmes for the whole body, which offer a big range of different massage techniques. Additionally you can also turn on the heating function, if you‘d like.

Back area

An individual applicable to any size massage area.

Back stretch rolling

Targeted stretch massages activate the body and have an invigorating effect on the whole body.


Wireless data transmission.


Braintronics technology synchronises your brainwaves through audio stimulation. Combined with a specially developed massage programme your stress-ridden body will be able to relax. No matter whether you’d like to relax, dream or learn – anything’s possible.

Carbon heating

Deeply penetrating Carbon infrared heat, blood vessels expand, the blood flow increases and the muscle tension is reduced. In addition, it carries out a highly beneficial effect on nerve cells, which are responsible for reporting pain to the brain.

Gua Sha

The scraping technique of -GuaSha- with gentle pressure opens up superficial blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation. GuaSha is often applied in combination with acupressure ‘shu points’ for additional stimulation of the whole body for an extra soothing massage experience.

Human hands feeling

Specially designed massage heads imitate the hand motion of a professional masseur. The maximum stretch space is 6,5 cm, and the maximum stretch angle is 41 degrees, so the mechanical hands can do effective massage to human cervical vertebra thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra.


Reflexology regenerates foot muscles and has a harmonizing effect on almost all organs inside your body.


Shiatsu (finger press) is a form of body therapy originating in Japan. The massage technique consists of soft, rhythmic, far-reaching stretches and rotations. The aim of Shiatsu is to simulate individual parts of the body and to mobilise the muscles.

Zero gravity

You put yourself in the position of an astronaut – that “weightless feeling”.


You can expect a profound full body massage from the neck down to the buttocks.

The scan function

The AURA massage chair has a BODY SCAN FUNCTION. It creates a kind of „map“ of your body to capture the areas that require optimal massage pressure. Moreover, it scans and measures your shoulder height with the possibility to readjust it for a more personal treatment. The same scanning technology can also be found in the foot massage unit, whereby the components can be fully adapted to the needs of your body size.

Aura LCD remote control & Audio-System

Adapting to the call of the times, the AURA massage chair has state-ofthe-art digital functions and is user-friendly at the same time. Equipped with a slim and easy-to-use LCD remote control, a USB port for charging mobile phones or tablets, BLUETOOTH-ENABLED HD SPEAKERS on the headrest and integrated with Braintronics® Technology, the AURA massage chair is definitely one of the luxury complete package from the CASADA massage chair family.


Colors white | grey, black | grey

Dimension upstanding 155 x 81 x 122 cm

Dimension lying 202 x 81 x 102 cm

Weight 111 kg

Voltage 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz

Rated power 250 W

Run-time 15 minutes

Braintronics 21 minutes

Guarantee 5 years


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