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Creating an Office Wellness Room

In modern workspaces we are tied to computers and phone systems channeling communication non-stop. Deadlines are tighter, workloads are bigger, technology is evolving and the world is getting smaller.

When we consider the pace of work life and the impact on overall health, wellness and vitality of the workforce it is no surprise corporations are researching office design ideas and implementing modern workplaces to help and improve employee health and wellbeing. The result is increased employee productivity and efficiency.

Many employers are concerned that fatigue of their employees affects negatively on efficiency and as a result on fulfillment of plans. From constant emotional workload a person loses the ability to assess a situation and respond accordingly, make decisions quickly and focus on important points. And if we take into account the fact that in most companies working issues are resolved in the “deadline” mode. This state of a worker makes him professionally unsuitable.

The human body in the modern world is exposed to many unnatural burdens and poor posture. Long periods of standing or sitting, activities with a bent back, combined with mental stress at work take their toll. The consequences are back pain, tense shoulders/neck, headaches and restricted mobility. Massage can quickly relieve all these symptoms.

Engineers of the German company Casada have developed special massage chairs. Casada massage chairs are fitted with Braintronics® Technology.

Braintronics® Technology is the synchronisation of brain waves through audio simulation. With the Braintronics, the level of relaxation, through the combination of massage and brain wave stimulation, is up to 80% more effective. Braintronics massage programs take care of sensitive back-massage. The technology brings gentle regeneration of neglected vertebrae. In this way, mental and physical blocks can be remedied. So the whole musculoskeletal system of your spine can be influenced in a positive way.

“Sleeping while present”

In just 21 minutes, you will adjust your brain into a state of rest and get enough sleep like after a full 8 hours of sleeping.

By using massage chair with the Braintronics system employees will be able to recuperate without leaving the office, and as a result

  • more resistant to stress
  • focused
  • motivated

Contact us to learn more about massage chairs for the relaxation room in the office.

Investment in better productivity, health and motivation of employers.

Creating favorable conditions for employees you develop their special attitude to work. Physical and mental comfort significantly increases productivity. Massage chairs allow to recover almost completely during 15-20 minutes.

4 steps of Creating an Office Wellness Room

Find 2 m² of free space in the office

Discover our unique offer to rent or purchase a Body/Mind massage system

Choose a massage chair model

After registration we will install the Body/Mind massage system in your workplace