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    Now on your smartphone!


    A simple break in work is not a real relaxation. And it is not always enough. Close your eyes and dare yourself to plunge in deep meditation. In 21 minutes you will remove stress and will adjust your brain on a certain frequency. When you will open eyes, your look will be clear and sure - you are ready to new achievements together with Braintronics! Constantly supplemented collection of new programs now on your smartphone.

    Full relaxation

    Zero-G is an example of use of space technologies in life. The chair is displayed and your body adopts the provision at which load on a backbone is minimal. Such decision was used at design of seats for astronauts when doctors and engineers tried to protect people from the injuries connected with high overloads. Today this knowledge serves you. In a zero gravity position the body is the most relaxed and you receive a perfect massage.

    Quality which you are worthy

    The futuristic design of a chair is not just the latest fashion. Sit down in AlphaSonic II and feel how convenient it is. We have taken care even of those details, which are invisible to the naked eye. For example, special eco leather on a cotton basis ideally distributes heat, doing massage as comfortable as possible.

    Fresh air and favorite music

    During massage turn on the ionizer of air and feel freshness as after a thunderstorm. Listen to favourite music while the chair warms up your body. Just connect phone on Bluetooth to Hi-Fi the system of a chair and turn on.

    Stretching with the yoga function

    Compression pillows hold shoulders and legs, and the chair is displayed and extends a backbone. The extension of a backbone gives flexibility, improves blood circulation, and makes muscles more elastic, and joints— mobile.

    Choose a color

    The massage chair AlphaSonic II is presented in different colors: black, beige, gray-black, claret-black, cream-brown. Color schemes coupled with a quilted cape give any interior a unique, original and amazing form.

    Important details

    Details that will make your day better


    1. Massage mitigation -Open a headrest and turn it into a cape under a back to make massage softer.


    2. Operate at a touch and charge your mobile phone

    Operate the main functions of a chair in one touch without remote control. We have placed the most necessary buttons on the additional control panel.


    3. Compression of all parts of a body

    60 airbags will delicately warm up your body. We have developed the special FullAir program. Turn it on and feel how the chair makes massage of each millimeter of a body


    4. A removable pocket for a remote control and mobile phone

    If you are a lefthander you can fix a pocket on the left side. Besides, we have made an additional pocket for the mobile phone. Just put a phone on charging from USB on a control panel


    5. LED illumination

    Into armrests we have placed LED illumination. This supplements futuristic design of a chair.

    Remote control with a wide range of options. Convenient and user-friendly. You can play with the various functions And find what is most pleasant for you.

    Unique opportunities

    Warm-up helps to make massage better

    Press the button "warm-up" - and in a couple of minutes the back of a chair will heat up. Warming up helps muscles to relax better during roller massage.

    Massage from shoulders to buttock.

    We have extended the carriage on which massage rollers move. Now the chair makes massage not only on a back, but also on buttock.

    The chair is regulated under your height.

    The foot massager can be extended on 35 cm. It allows people of any height to use it.

    Foot massage GuaSha

    Alphasonic II masses feet not with rollers as others massage chairs, but with special plates. They pound a bottom of feet, stimulating acupuncture points. Such a massage is very gentle and pleasant

    Start your day together with


    20 minutes of the invigorating massage in the morning - and your day will be unforgettable.

    Can't make up your mind?

    Visit us at the store, sit one of our chairs, and try for yourself how amazing they feel.

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